GPR Vs. X-Ray

X-ray brings with it many more problems than are needed by contractors and individuals alike. Ground Penetrating Radar has NO GAMMA RADIATION and therefore can be used with other contractors in the immediate viscinity. The following table reveals the positive aspects of using Ground Penetrating Radar over X-Ray to locate what you need to make your life easier.

    Ground Penetraing Radar (GPR)

  • GPR can be used to visualize numerous materials, voids, and leaks at slab grade that X-Ray simply cannot do
  • Inexpensive when compared to X-Ray
  • No Gamma Radiation
  • GPR can find materials that are ferrous, metallic, or non-metallic
  • No time wasted on film processing
  • Accuracy of ¼"
  • 3 - 5 Times faster than X-Ray
  • Markings only needed on top of slab
  • Continuous Digital Images– Infinite Area Size - Printouts Available

    Vs. X-Ray

  • X-Ray requires the 2 floors of an area to be shut down due to the presence of radioactive materials.
  • More expensive than GPR
  • Gamma Radiation present
  • X-Ray can only find ferrous metals in concrete
  • Lengthy film processing time
  • Accuracy of 1"-3"
  • Maximum of 10 locations per day
  • Requires markings above and below slab – Time Consuming & Inaccurate
  • Viewable area limited by 18" x 18" Film size