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Advanced GPR is your number one source for Utility Location and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) services in Phoenix Arizona, Chicago Illinois, New Jersey Tri State Area, and New York City. Advanced GPR operates Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate subsurface objects and provide services such as: high resolution concrete imaging, utility locating and mapping, cemetery & forensic mapping, bridge & roadway inspection and geological explorations. Advanced GPR operates nationwide with offices throughout the country. We offer national competitive rates anywhere in the country to quickly resolve your sub-surface investigation economically and professionally. Our attention to detail and overall value are why our loyal customers will not go anywhere else. Give us a Call Now or use our Online Quote tool to find out why our customers trust us when other companies disappoint!

  • Advanced GPR services include ground penetrating radar and utility location services within bridge deck survey, floors, ceilings, walls, tunnels, archaeological sites, gold deposits and treasure seeking, bedrock depths, borehole clearing, and directional drilling.

    Concrete Scanning

    Planning on coring, cutting, excavating, drilling, or otherwise modifying existing concrete structures? Give us a call for a free no cost quote. Advanced GPR specializes in concrete and subsurface location. Our expert technicians will find all the surprises and obstructions beforehand so that there is no danger of impacting them when you repair, demo, cut, core or drill a slab. Safety is our number one priority. Our techs will find rebar, conduit, live electric, post-tensioned cable, pre-tensioned cable, and any other support structure or embedded materials within all types of slabs including hollow core, metal decking, CMU wall, post or pre tension, and any other type of slab. Regardless of the scan size or job size, Advanced GPR has a Ground Penetrating Radar solution for your site. Schedule in advance, or request us in a hurry. We can be flexible to meet your needs so give us a call today for a quote, it’s free!

  • Concrete x ray, leak detection, rigid sr20, underground pipe, sewer, gas, fire hydrant, electric (480, 220, 110, 60) location services provided by Advanced GPR.

    Utility Location

    Planning an excavation, trenching, vertical boring, directional drilling, or CSDA? Advanced GPR specializes in utility scanning and detection. Our unique approach to utility location includes both a traditional frequency scanning method in combination with Ground Penetrating Radar scanning to make sure that we find any obstacle in the scan area. We can scan your private property where Blue Stake/811/One Call stops while also finding what Blue Stake can’t see because they do not use GPR. We locate all utilities including water, drainage, storm, gas, fiber, electric, fire, and sewer while also locating underground tanks, buried remains, past excavation, septic tanks, septic field, voids, sinkholes, and even underground minerals, gold, silver, and Archaeological remains. Prevent damage to your jobsite environment and your equipment, call Advanced GPR for a Utility Locate today!